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Dr. Curtis Horne

I am a Post Doctoral Researcher working on a NERC grant together with Prof. Andrew Hirst and Prof. David Atkinson (University of Liverpool), and collaborators at the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences.

Currently, I am investigating the effects of warming on aquatic organisms. More specifically, I am examining the mechanisms and drivers of the Temperature-Size Rule (TSR); a within species relationship in ectotherms by which individuals reared at warmer temperatures tend to mature at a smaller adult body size. Understanding what drives the TSR will aid in predicting how global warming is likely to impact organisms and communities. We are especially interested in species of commercial importance in marine and freshwater habitats.

I have a broad range of interests within marine ecology and conservation, particularly phenotypic plasticity and the ability of organisms to adapt to global change. My former research experience includes the assessment of juvenile hard coral recruitment and recovery in the Seychelles, and the monitoring and conservation of sea turtles in the Mediterranean.

You can view my personal webpage here.


My research is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).



Aquatic ecosystems have a profound impact on humankind and the biosphere, and can provide critical insight into biological questions. Using marine and freshwater organisms our research aims to mechanistically understand and predict rules of physiology and ecology. We examine physiology, vital rates and ocean biogeochemistry, including assessing the impacts of climate change. In our work we use diverse approaches including meta-analysis, experimentation, fieldwork and modelling.

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