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Gone But Not Forgotten

Previous members and supervised students include:

Dr Martin Lilley (NERC/DEFRA Funded Post Doc through the Marine Ecosystem Research Programme)

Dr Tania FitzGeorge-Balfour (NERC Funded Post Doc)

Dr Lowri Evans (PhD Student)

Dr Curtis Horne (PhD Student)

Dr Jackie Maud (PhD Student)

Dr Jack Forster (PhD Student)

Dr Lidia Yebra (NERC Funded Post Doc)

Dr Neil James (PhD Student)

Dr Renuka Badhe (PhD Student)

Dr Roisin Moriarty (PhD Student)

Dr Adrian Bunker (NERC Funded Post Doc)

Karina Drif (PhD Student)

Dr Lee Patchell (PhD Student)

25+ MSc and Undergraduate students who have worked with us during their own projects

Aquatic ecosystems have a profound impact on humankind and the biosphere, and can provide critical insight into biological questions. Using marine and freshwater organisms our research aims to mechanistically understand and predict rules of physiology and ecology. We examine physiology, vital rates and ocean biogeochemistry, including assessing the impacts of climate change. In our work we use diverse approaches including meta-analysis, experimentation, fieldwork and modelling.

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